My V8 Conversion

I have just begun the conversion of my Land Rover, who's history can be found in the other pages of this site. I will over the next few (for few read many) months be installing a Rover 3.5 ltV8 engine along with an LT95 gearbox. It will hopefully be fitted with the bellhousing and input shaft from a 101 Forward Control as these are about 5 inches shorter than standard, and the length will make a big difference to the rear prop shaft..

So far, all I have managed to do is to collect the engine and gearbox which can be seen in the picture below and strip out the old engine which was very heavy in comparison to the V8. The front chassis is in very good condition and will require only a good coat of paint before the engine is fitted.

Point your cursor on the V8 to see the gearbox. Both pictures are taken showing the parts in the condition they were bought in. I will hopefully be posting some pictures of them cleaned up and the gearbox fitted with the 101 bellhousing to show the difference.