This Landrover was built as a 24 volt FFR on 10th September 1962 and was given chassis number 241-05927. It was dispatched on the 20th September 1962 to the Central Army Vehicle depot, Hilton. It was given the registration mark 48 DM 82. The Landrover stayed at Hilton until 26th June 1967, when it went to serve with 27 Command Workshop, REME, Ludgershall.

On the 4th February 1969, it was transferred to the Central Vehicle depot, Ashchurch. On 22 October 1969, it was transferred to 9/12 Lancers, Royal Armoured Corps. Training Regiment. On 13 January 1971, it was transferred to the Queens Dragoon Guards. From 23 May until 20 July 1972 ,it again served with the training regiment and was then returned to Hilton .On the 14 September 1972, authority was given to sell the vehicle, which happened on 29 December 1972 at Ruddington.

The vehicles civilian life started on 1st November 1973 when it was given the registration number WLG 532M and bought by J E Wright & Son of Knutsford to be used as a Restricted HGV Farmers. They kept the Landrover until 9th May 1987, when it was bought by Mr D Mullock of Church Lawton and was declared as a PLG for the taxation class.

The next owner acquired the vehicle on 4th October 1990. He was a Mr P Shaw of Stafford. Within a few days of buying the Landrover ,he painted it black.The vehicle was then transferred to a Mr J Shaw on 28th December 1990 also of Stafford. He sold the landrover to Mr K Heaney on 18th April 1993 who changed the colour of the landrover again to red in June 1995. Sometime after that the colour was again changed to yellow before I bought it on 25th May 2000.

The Landie had stood for about 18 months but with the aid of two new batteries(24 volt) it started on the second turn of the key.The first turn drew the petrol up into the inline fuel filter. I drove it home and was surprised how positive it all felt. It passed its MOT after a few holes were sorted out on the chassis and a windscreen washer system were fitted. I luckily saw an advert for the washer bottle, complete with 24v pump attached, for around £10 from Craddocks. I also changed the soft top for the truck cab. I did this as the soft top does not have side windows and the visability is limited. Unfortunatly the truck cab is not quite as water proof as the soft top.

Tracing history

Civilian Landrovers

The best and easiest way to find out the history of a civilian Landrover, and indeed the civilian history of an x-military one, is through the DVLA at Swansea. For a fee of just £5, they will send you a copy of all the details they hold on your vehicle. This will include a copy of registration documents including any changes of colour, engines or anything else that they have been notified of. The address is below:

Military Landrovers

If you know the Military registration number then the best place to go is to the Museum Of Army Transport. If you give them a call on 01482 860445 ,they will check to see if they have your vehicles records. If they have, then for a fee of £12.50, they will send you a copy of the vehicle's Key Card. This gives you details of the vehicles movements, where and when. If for some reason you haven't got the military reg number, then I managed to get mine by writing with the chassis number and any other info you have to, ES (Land ) Census Team -Tech 3b, Defence Logistics Organisation Chilwell, Building 154, Chetwyned Barracks, Chilwell, Nottingham. NG9 5HA.

Build Information

If you want to get information about when ,and for whom your landrover was built, then you can contact British Motor Industry heritage Trust, banbury Road, Gaydon, Warwick, England CV35 0BJ. Telephone for the prices they charge on 01926 641188.The certificate that I got back did not have as much information as I would of hoped but was still interesting. It was accepted by the DVLA as proof of build date as the log book had been wrong, for the past 27 years it was declared manufactured in 1967. However it was built in 1962 which ment I could get a new reg number without a suffix.So dont always trust your registration documents.